Sunday, October 25, 2015

Birthday party for the boys

This year we took the opportunity to rent a party place for the boys. We discovered an arcade with free games, tv room, bounce house, and  small kitchen to use. They told us for a flat fee we could bring any food we wanted, we could have as many people as we wanted, and all we needed to do was vacuum and take out the trash when we were done. Both Brady and I were sold. I had looked at a few places to rent out and all of them were for 10 people max, their food, and at one place their cake too. I didn't want  to limit the fun to only 10 people because our family would take up seven spots. Also I discovered by doing their party at the same time instead of one on each of their birthdays I saved almost $100. It was a total blast. I made each of them a cake.  Ammon's was the golden snitch from Harry Potter. One of the wings broke during transport so it doesn't look as good as it was supposed to. Zenock chose Beymax from the movie Big Hero Six. That was the easiest cake I have ever decorated. I didn't get any photos, and Brady only took one. We were too busy enjoying ourselves to worry about photos. I think we had about 20 families come. The boys loved playing with all of their friends. Both of them have already asked to do it again next year.

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