Wednesday, October 28, 2015

School for Ayla

Guess who finally got to start school? While I was brushing her hair she asked for Elsa hair. So that is what I did. While taking the picture she was proudly saying CHEESE! She was so excited to ride the bus....until the bus got here. The driver let me take her up to her seat. She got to sit by a cheerful girl who was excited for a new friend. I think Ayla will like her. I know Ayla will love school, but she may be resistant for a week or two. I am thrilled she is finally in a speech therapy program with other kids so she can be fully ready for kindergarten when the time comes. I cried after she was gone though because I was feeling her nervousness with mine. As much as we both need a break from each other I think I will miss her a little.

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