Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More from the weekend

These are some of my favorite pictures from the show. I think after this I have decided we need a different digital camera, one with a sports button so I can continuously take pictures of things in motion and it won't be blurry. Perhaps a better zoom would be good least as long as we keep getting the cheap seats up in the nozebleed section!

This is the FrontRunner train we rode from Ogden to SLC. The first leg we rode in the back of the rear car because it was driving backwards, so Ammon could look out the driver's window and see where we were going. The second leg we rode in the top deck of the car right behind the engine. It was so fun to go along the freeway and be going faster than people driving in the fast lane. This is something I will totally do again!

The picture on the upper left is what we rode from the train station to downtown. I think it's called a streetcar? I'm not sure, but the boys loved it, and I just liked not having the headache of finding parking wherever we went.

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