Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day Adventures

This is a motorcross guy doing the half-time show. Some of their tricks were really cool, and one did a full flip. I think Brady liked this part better than the boys did.

This is Bulldozer, one of the kids' favorites because he is on the Monster Jam movie they have.

For Valentine's Day we decided to take the boys to a Monster Jam show in Salt Lake City. They really loved it, and it was a blast to do something the whole family enjoyed without anyone getting bored. One of these days I need to have the boys do a girly thing with me since I do lots of boy stuff with them. We saved time finding a parking spot by parking at the train station in Ogden and taking the big Frontrunner commuter train into downtown. Ammon loved being able to ride in the front car so he could see where we were going. I liked it because I have never ridden a passanger train before. Brady loved it because it brought back many memories from his mission in Switzerland. We had a great time on this weekend trip, but the drive home was really long.

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