Thursday, June 25, 2009

Air Show

The day before Father's day Rexburg does an air show. They open up their airplane museum and fly all the planes from there and bring in people to do stunts and things. We have gone for three years now, and we really look forward to it.
This is not a very good picture of the stunt plane going up for a loop. The pilot did flips side over side and end over end. He also did lots of straight up and down stuff and tons of smoke.
The wings going up after the show concluded.

This plane and two others did formational stuff to show us how attach formations look.

People from our ward that came to the show too. Tristan Campbell, Brinley Martin, Caleb Martin, Zenock, Ammon. Adults behind are Jeren Martin, Angie Martin, and my hubby. I coulnd't fit in Tristan's brother and sister and parents in this one.

This jelly bean plane is the kids favorite. The plane cut the engine and freefalled onto the truck. The pilot at one point threw out a role of toilet paper and then came back and cut it in half. Later, someone came along on a four-wheeler and threw small bags of jelly beans into the crowd.

The jelly bean plane doing tricks.

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