Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We went camping with the Elders Quorum the end of May. This campsite is just half a mile from the Tablerock campground, 2 miles from Kelly Canyon ski resort, and about 30 minutes from home. I premade tin foil dinners so that when we got up there after work on Friday we could just eat and then set up camp. After we put the kids to bed the adults stayed up talking until after midnight, and it was so nice to have fun conversation around the campfire. The next morning we ate pancakes, eggs, and bacon and then broke camp. Before heading home, Brady and I drove around some more in this part of the Canyon to scout out more camp sites for later in the year. We love camping, and the kids enjoy it as well...even with me constantly telling them to stay out of the dirt and such.

We are going camping again this weekend with some friends from our ward, the Martin's. My sister is coming as well since we are "babysitting" her while my parents are out of town. Is is still called babysitting if she is 14?

This is of Josh Rankin, the EQ pres and Scott supervising the cooking.
Ammon cooking a stick. Actually, he loved cooking marshmallows for smores, and I think it's natural to want to put things in the fire, because all the kids did it at one point. The girl next to Ammon is Cheyanne, and the boy is Josh's son, Austin. Austin is Ammon and Zenock's best friend. They get together all the time, and often the first thing Zz says when he wakes up is go to Austin's house now?

Austin and Zz playing in the dirt with shovels and sticks. The kids got so dirty...we took baths when we got home, and the tub was lined with dirt. It was so gross.

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