Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I have finally downloaded our camera. These pics show what we have been doing the last little while. These pics go from newest to oldest. I loaded them on backwards, sorry.

Appreciating the veteran's memorial in Idaho Falls on the greenbelt. Drake, my nephew, Ammon, and Zenock.
Feeding the ducks and geese at the greenbelt. Zenock chose to eat the bread instead of give it to the birds.

Ammon flying a kite he made at the kite festival. It was at Sandy Downs, the county fair grounds. We have gone every year since moving to IF, and the kids love it. This year we made lunch and had a picnic when we got there. The weather was a little chilly, but mostly perfect for kites.

This is Brady shooting his gun at some targets. We love to go shooting, and this time we took our friends, Josh and Charlee Rankin. We found a good spot just off of Bone Road, about 10-15 minutes from our house.

Zenock and Ammon not wanting to watch us from the car...from up here the gunfire wasn't too loud, but the kids still covered their ears.

Zenock and Ammon at the park near our house. We love to go there, especially since it's close and the kids can walk or ride the trike themselves and not get tired. Because it was taken the first week of April, I am pretty sure we were getting out to enjoy the nice weather, even though we had to wear pants and jackets.

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