Thursday, December 23, 2010

Almost here!

Christmas is coming
Gideon's getting fat
Today is payday, so we have money in our hat!

I am so EXCITED for tomorrow and Saturday! Brady is on a line watch special thingy so his shift for the next whole week is 8pm to 8am. That means he gets be here for the family party, Christmas morning with the kids, and Christmas dinner at his brother's house in Arizona. Woohoo!!!

And the countdown for Gideon's arrival has begun (at least for me). We have just 22 days until he comes...unless he decides to come more than a week early. I am so excited to see what he looks like, and to actually watch him have hiccups instead of feel them (which he has right now :)). I made a quilt for him back in July at my Mom's house, but I didn't have time to quilt it and bind it before we left, so she took care of that for me and sent it with the Christmas package. It is so cute. I need to take a picture so you all can see it. Thanks, Mom, for doing a great job!

Today we are having a slow one. The kids are eating lunch right now and then we are going to the library. After that it's naptime for Zenock (horray for me!), and since Brady is home sleeping, I might go run one last errand before Christmas. I need to get some heavy cream for the Christmas breakfast casserole I am making, and I need to find something for Brady's stocking. A movie maybe? I have no idea, really. Usually I am on top of these things, but not this year.

Merry Christmas everybody!

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