Friday, December 31, 2010


So I don't know why, but the last several times we have gone with Brady to the sporting goods section of any store the boys have been wanting us to buy them some binoculars. Today we were at Dicks in the mall so Brady could price some 12 ga shotguns - he's been wanting one for almost a year - and guess what the boys saw right off? Kid-sized binoculars. And guess what? They were on sale for $7. Who could pass up the "pretty please, Mom, can we buy those? They are kid sized. Can we?" I mean really? Sometimes I am such a pushover. Ammon got black ones and Zenock got army colored ones. They couldn't be happier. Binoculars, really? Boys!!! (said while eyes are rolling :) wish they had an emotion button for that one).

This is just a note to myself. Every once in a while it feels like Gideon is breathing inside of me. I can feel his body moving up and down in breathing motions. It's so awesome to feel him practicing his skills! We only have 2 weeks until he comes!

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