Saturday, March 19, 2011


We were planning a trip to Disneyland over Spring break in the middle of April, but Brady didn't have any work earlier this week, so at lunchtime on Monday we decided to go right then. It took way too long to pack for everyone, so we got on the road pretty late in the afternoon. We arrived at our hotel around 8 pm. The boys really wanted to go swimming so they could try out their new life jackets. Then it was bedtime so we could get up and play our hearts out! Disneyland was WAY crowded both Tuesday and Wednesday since other schools around the nation are out for spring break right now. I made a mental note not to go to Disneyland ever again during a holiday of any kind. Ammon was tall enough to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and he got really scared. He even cried. I felt bad. And then I wanted to go on it again. Maybe next time. He and Zenock are tall enough to go on Matterhorn, so we did that the second day. They both loved it so much they each wanted to ride again. The line was too long. Both days they got to ride It's a Small World, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, and Astro Rockets. We did Pirates of the Carribean, Jungle Cruise, everything in Fantasyland (our favorite general area of the park because all the rides are fun), Nemo Submarine (our first Disneyland ride), and Toon Town was kinda lame, even the kid roller coaster. Zz was having a meltdown and DID. NOT. WANT. TO. RIDE. THE. ROLLER COASTER. AT. ALL. Ammon, of course, had to go to the bathroom when we where almost to the front of the line after waiting for over 45 mintes. We got out of line and went potty. Came back to the exit to do a switch pass so I could have Gideon while they went. Zz was FREAKING OUT! Brady tricked him into riding and I could hear him screaming the whole time. Poor kid. I felt bad. Almost. Ammon got to ride with Brady after they got done. Switch passes are AWESOME! You stand in line and ask for one before you get on it. The ones riding go, and when they get back you switch kids, and the others get to go without having to stand in line again. Works GREAT! That way only Gideon got left out...but he didn't mind. He slept almost the whole time anyway.

We were another attraction in the park; at least I felt like that sometimes. Gideon got a LOT of attention from a LOT of people passing by. He was ooggled at my kids and moms in line, while eating, while waiting, and while breathing. It was kind of funny. Tons of people asked me if he was my first, and then shocked to find out he was my third boy. Heaven forbid I have more than one boy! Sheesh! We met some really nice people, several who were LDS. Brady helped a German family by translating for them so they could order their food. That was fun. We met some people from Australia too. We loved Disneyland, and we are already planning our next trip there...whenever that will be.

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