Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Getting bigger and bigger

Yesterday Ayla had an appointment with a neurosurgeon to check her head. Our pediatrician was concerned her soft spot was growing in too fast, which can result in the skull having difficulty expanding properly as her brain grows. The surgeon said according to her measurements she is in the 25th percentile for head circumferance, which is not a concern at this point.  We go back in two months for another checkup. It's nice to have a pediatrician who is overly caucious, just in case. I really appreciate the care and concern from our doctor, and her patient manner is so wonderful. We have had a doctor here and there who wasn't as friendly or helpful, so this is a welcome change....even if that means we have to drive across town to the surgeon's office. I would much rather be safe now than sorry later.

Last night Ayla went to bed at 7:30 and stayed asleep until 5am. She is back into sleeping pretty good at night again after a 2 week stint of 6 hours or less between feedings. When I got her up, she was looking at me....on her back! She is my earliest roller so far. The other kids were between 4 and 5 months old when they rolled over for the first time, not 3 months!!!

On another note: Gideon is HILARIOUS! He scooted a chair over to the sink a few minutes ago and got right up on it, pointing to the sink asking to play in the water. Who can resist that? So as I stand in the kitchen writing this, he is happily playing in a sink full of bubbles and kitchen utinsels. And, yesterday I heard him say "uh, oh" for the first time. I can't wait to get it on video because it's the cutest thing ever!

I love my children :)

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