Friday, February 21, 2014

Ayla the goof

She saw Ammon sitting on the floor and made a big production of sitting between his legs in just the right way so that she was comfortable too. It reminded me of a dog making circles before laying down.

She's the necklace queen around here. It's even more fun when she makes a necklace in nursery and then claims Gideon's necklace as her own too. The headband is actually a necklace she put on herself.

As you can see, she was laughing on the chair, but I don't know what was so funny. Most likely, she doesn't either :)

We get the most awesome hair creations with soap. Wednesday night she had one that was right on top of her head, just like the troll doll hair from the 90's....or maybe it was more similar to a unicorn's horn...either way, it was really cute.

This is how she helps on the computer.

Friday for breakfast she had three friends share her cherrios and chocolate milk.

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