Saturday, February 22, 2014

Valentine Surprise and Preschool

The kids nursery leader left them a surprise on Valentine's morning. We woke up to a decorated door and two treats on the doorstep. The picture below is the best I got since she grabbed a treat and bolted down the street as soon as I opened the door. Gideon made a quick order of opening his little box and eating half of the candy before I knew he had the box.

This sad little man started preschool at the kids elementary school on Tuesday. I was doing my shift at the Red Cross, so Brady got to take him to his first day. The teacher said he cried for a little while, but then calmed down enough to observe the other kids doing their school thing. The next day he participated a little bit more and was really happy to go home when I got there. The third day he was not quite as sad and actually tried some of the activities. He also got to ride the bus home for the first time. He wasn't crying when the door opened, but I could tell he had been crying for a while before getting home. My hat is off to the wonderful bus driver and two preschool teachers. These people are so patient with the little kids...I'm so thankful there are great programs available to help my little buddy continue improving on his speech and vocabulary. Going into preschool he is working on four out of the five areas they tested him on in the evaluation. I forget what exactly they are...but the one he did successfully and is at the appropriate mark for his age is fine motor skills. This kid can match shapes and object like no other kid I know at this age. He does very well at shape puzzles and matching cards like those in the memory game. I am really hoping this next week is better for him and that he gets over his fears quickly. I know it will with time, I just hope it's sooner than later....for everyone's sake :)

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