Friday, February 28, 2014

Reader and being silly

Gideon likes to suck on cups, then make loud noises in them. Ayla does it too, and sometimes with random things like a funnel and birthday hat.
Ammon is like his dad and loves to read. He is often seen reading at the table. I love how much he loves to read. Over the weekend he read a whole book and he was so proud of himself! Right now he really likes the non fiction stories from the "I Survived" series. He's read about Hurricane Katrina and Titanic.

This really is a happy face. He didn't want to get off the bus Wednesday. I think the big steps may scare him a little bit. His teacher says he is doing really well in school, even participating in most activities now. He loves to run around with the other kids at recess. Thursday he was very excited when he came home, saying that he liked the bus.

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