Saturday, June 21, 2014

First Craft Night with Ayla's Attic

During my first night as hostess for Ayla's Attic craft night, I had 4 moms and 3 daughters (including my MOM, she's on the right with my little sister, Kalina) attend. I taught them how to take boring pieces of 2x4 and paint them into cute firecracker decorations. The daughters also put some vinyl on a 16x16 tile for their Dad's for Father's Day. The tile says, "To the world you are a Dad, to your family you are the world." We ALL had such a good time, and I am really, really excited to do it again next month. Thanks ladies for coming!!!!

 Brady's Father's Day present. LOVE IT!

This cute 14 inch wreath is what we are making for the July craft night. It's a straw wreath with paper umbrellas pushing into it. I decided after I took the picture that it's not full enough, so I will be adding more soon as I remember to take it off my door :)

This is an 8x10 sign I have wanted to make for YEARS!!! I really hope the UPS man, mailman, and the silly neighbor kids will quit ringing the bell and knocking so dang loud when I have 2 kids taking naps every afternoon!

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