Friday, June 13, 2014

Go out with a bang...or a bomb

 Our grand finale, date number 10, for our 10 dates for 10 years of marriage was Wednesday. We got some groupons to the Atomic Testing Museum and dinner to Sugar Factory. I didn't take any pictures inside the museum because I was to busy reading everything they had displayed. WOW! The development of the Atom Bomb and the Hydrogen Bombs is amazing! I knew a little bit about them from history class when I was in high school, and the museum did such a good job to go way above and beyond simple information. We got VIP passes to the Area 51 exibit, which was also phenomenal. It was so nice to soak in a museum without kids asking a bazillion questions about the displays. We were there over 2 hours, and we could have made it three. Afterward we used our groupon to Sugar Factory at Town Square Mall. Brady got the bleu cheese burger, and I had the patty melt on rye. The fries were good, the burgers were delicious, the service was LOUSY!!! We were seated right away since we had a reservation, but we waited over 15 minutes for someone to get us some water and take our order. The waitress who finally came over wasn't even assigned to our section. The drinks took forever to arrive, the food even longer. We were given a choice of dessert, courtesy of the waitress and the manager for our long wait.....and that also took way longer than necessary. We were at the restaurant for almost two hours!! Finally, when dessert came we had to ask for a to-go box because our babysitter had to get to a church activity. Although the food was good (the final verdict on the red velvet ice cream we got is on hold since it's still in the freezer), I really have no desire to go back. It was not even packed at all, so I have no idea why we had to wait so long for everything. That said........HAPPY TEN YEARS TO US!!!!

I am extremely excited to make a shadow box with all the ticket stubs and pictures I have taken on all of these dates. Stay tuned for that :)

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