Sunday, October 19, 2014

Happy Birthday to Zenock!

 The lucky birthday boy got to open his presents before breakfast!

 Kite, green tie, Max Steel toy, r/c helicopter, and scriptures were his loot today. We then ate and quickly got ready for church.
 Please use your imagination when looking at this cake. It's supposed to be Toothless's face. The green eyes didn't show up very well on top of the black frosting, but they are green, I promise.
 After naps we took dinner and the cake to Brady's work since he couldn't get the day off. Frozen pizza and homemade cheese breadsticks were his dinner picks.

The cake was delicious! Everyone had black tongues and teeth afterward :) We are so happy to have this cute boy in our family. He gets baptized on Nov. 1st, which he is SO excited for. HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY ZENOCK!!!

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