Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Adventures

This was a conversation I had with Gideon this morning:
He asked me if the baby in my tummy was grown up yet. I told him he was still growing in there. Gid's face light's up and he says very sweetly, "Yeah!"

Both boys had soccer games at nearly the same times...also happening during nap time. I had a neighbor come over and watch the little kids so they could have their regular schedule while taking the older ones to their games. It was the most relaxing two hours of soccer games we have had all season so far. I loved being able to pay attention the whole time and not wrangle little people off of the soccer field while they tried to run after their brothers. Zenock's team had great team spirit, while Ammon's team won 2-0. It was quite hot this afternoon and I could tell all the kids were tiring quickly so they weren't playing as aggressively as they usually do. What matters, though, is that they had fun.

Tonight I had a hot date. He took me to Rubios; it tasted just like I wanted. We saw Meet the Mormons, an amazing movie. Pregnant me cried through about half of it. Yogurtland was a  delicious dessert. My husband was wonderful company. The kids had a BLAST at Grammy's house. In fact, we heard about the fun from the two little ones the whole way home. Ayla was trying her darnedest to communicate all the fun she had which was hilarious! No one could really catch exactly what she was saying other than a word here or there, but there was lots of excited shouting, sound effects, and arm waving to show us how much fun she had. Gideon was trying to interrupt her as much as he could so he would be able to tell his side of the fun things they did. When he was talking Ayla got even more excited and tried to copy some of the things he was saying. It was quite the show on the way home. Today was probably the best Saturday we have had in a long time!

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