Friday, October 31, 2014


 From left to right: Percy Jackson, Wicket, Redneck Brady, Brady's pregnant bride, Yoda, and Hiccup.
 Playing carnival games. Gideon kept picking out ball prizes. Ayla kept picking out the candy. Their costumes are recycled from last year. Both of them LOVED their costumes much more this year. Gid was very proud of his Yoda hat. Throughout the night Ayla kept pointing to herself saying "mine" and petting her tummy. I think she really liked wearing a fuzzy costume.
 Partially recycled costumes from last year. For some odd reason my Leia dress was made big enough to fit prego me into it this year. And the's from my wedding day :) I haven't worn it in almost 11 years. Brady had a blast getting his camo gettup together. For those curious, his hat says: Si for President.
 I made Ammon's Percy Jackson shirt with tshirt vinyl. Love the stuff! Zenock's pants were recycled from last year's Luke pants and dyed green. I added some "leather armor" to it, and partically covered a black shirt in it as well. His armor chest plate is made from vinyl upholstery stuff. It's hard to tell, but he has 3 belts on. One across the chest and 2 on his abdomen. Look up Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon 2 and you'll get the idea.
 The kids got to have hot dogs for dinner. These three loved it.

 Ammon loves chili, so he made an "Idaho Haystack." Smart kid, he is. I did that too!
 After dinner and before the trunking treating began the whole ward sang happy birthday to Ammon. Here is Ayla enjoying a piece of birthday cake. See how she's eating it normally with a fork in the top photo? Well, below she decided using her hand was faster.
 And messier...
And more tasty.

We painted pumpkins this year. All the kids, except Ayla, did their own. From left to right: Zenock's spear, Gideon's blue blob, Ayla's Olaf, my happy face with some help from Gideon, and Ammon's Percy Jackson sword.


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