Monday, October 20, 2014

Preschool field trip number 2!

The Pumpkin Patch. Gideon was really nervous the whole time, even crying for a while. He refused to go on the bucket ride with Brady and Ayla. Ayla was loving it though, looking very content swinging around and around.
 We made Gideon go on the swing ride, even though he was refusing because he loves the swings at the park, and this is basically the same. He cried for just a little bit, and then stopped. I saw a smirky smile toward the end of the ride, which I noticed he was trying to hide.
 They also had a bounce house and an inflatable slide, which both of them didn't like at all. There was a petting zoo with goats, chickens, ducks, and two rabbits. Ayla was in HEAVEN! Gideon didn't want to touch anything, but he liked walking around looking at the animals.
 They both were no cooperating for a cute picture with the giant pumpkins.
At the end of the field trip the kids got a prize bag to take home. In each one was a baby pumpkin. Gideon carried it around with him the rest of the day. Ayla took a bite out of hers, which made Gid really concerned and unhappy. I had to sneakily throw it away before it got more bites and more yucky.

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