Wednesday, August 26, 2015

7 months old!

Rydon offically has baby fat. Fat thighs, fat calves, chunky toes, chubby fingers, and a definite double chin. He loves it when I squish his cheeks and smother him with kisses. Today I was blowing raspberries on his belly and he laughed at it for the first time. Baby fat and baby laughs are the BEST! I am so happy he is over 14 pounds. I thought it would be forever before he got to this weight. Also today he had his first jar of sweet potatoes. He loved it, but had a hard time swallowing it. It came out his nose...which I felt so bad for but he didn't seem to mind it too much. He would even take his fingers out of his mouth for a bite which he never did for rice cereal. Yeah for baby food!

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