Sunday, August 23, 2015

The end of our Idaho vacation

 Learning how to use my "new-to-me" embroidery machine. My mom upgraded her machine so she gave me her old one. For my birthday she gave me a bunch of embroidery thread, stabilizer fabric, and images to use with the machine. I love it so much. I am so excited to learning more and using this machine to enhance Ayla's Attic! Thank you Mom!!
 Just because sleeping babies are cute
 Rexburg Rapids was awesome!!!

Kalina took some family photos for us at Eagle Park in Rexburg. The scenery there was just gorgeous, and right in town!!! 

Yes, Brady's eyes are closed, but everyone else looks great! It's the only good photo we got with Rydon's hand out of his mouth.

 On the drive to Utah the sky was so smoky! Usually mountains would be visible all around.
 Batman and Robin for movie night at Christa and Ronny's new house. We loved visiting with them!! Highland needs to be closer to Henderson :)

 Sunday we finished the drive home. We have always talked about seeing the St. George temple and going to the visitor's center there. We finally decided to do it!! This temple is simply gorgeous!

 After the temple we ate at Cracker Barrel, another place in St. George we have wanted to try for YEARS! The food was amazing. The kids did pretty well, and Rydon likes applesauce.

Please note: Brady was taking a photo of Gideon being funny, not you can tell by the gross look on my face. Great timing, dear ;)

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