Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sword fights and pirates

My dad helped me make noodle swords for the kids. They were a huge hit....haha. We had a family dinner Sunday with my aunt and  uncle, brother, and all my sister's except one. Families are so fun! Monday we went to the museum of Idaho to see their pirate display. More family time!
Ayla was chasing after Alayna and trying to get her with a sword. It was so cute to watch! 
Ayla LOVED playing with her cousins. She talks about Chloe all the time and just loved playing with her. I think they will have a great time together when they are older! 
How many swords does one three year old boy need???? 
He discovered grass for the first time. It was so cute watching him try grabbing it and running his hand over it.  
Zenock said, "I'M AN OGRE!!!" 
I have such a great dad! He volunteered to stay home Friday night and watch Rydon for me so I could go with my family to Minions. I was so thankful to not have him to worry about since I wrestled Ayla almost the whole time. Apparently three years old is not quite old enough to sit through a movie of her favorite characters. Thanks Dad!
On a side note, all you people who complain about paying 75 cents for water at the movies should be more grateful. In Vegas, we are charged full fountain drink price for water at the movies, no matter the cup size or movie venue. Rexburg is awesome! 

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