Sunday, April 3, 2011


Things I learned (or was reminded of) from Conference:

President Uchdorf: The Lord most often answers prayers through others. It is vital to be of service and accept service from others so that answers may come. Share the Gospel more through social media. Invite friends to come to church.

It warmed my heart to watch the General Authorities walk out of the Sat. afternoon session with hugs to their wives and arms around them/holding hands. It's so refreshing to see wholesome affection shown these days. It makes me want to make sure to show my boys how much I love their dad, just like I saw with my parents growing up. It's so important for children to know how much their parents love them, just as it's so important for husbands and wives to know how much they love each other. This healthy display of love helps families stay strong and united together amidst the turmoil in the world today.

Elder Bednar: Personal revelation is prevalent even today. It can come powerfully and suddenly, it can come quietly and subtly. One must live such a manner where whisperings of the Spirit may come when needed and desired. And there may be times when you may not even realize you are being prompted by the Spirit.

President Monson: Temples are built with brick and mortar. They are filled with faith and fasting, sacrifice and joy. No sacrifice is too great, no trial too heavy to get to the temple. Being able to have an eternal family is worth every sacrifice. There is no more important goal than working toward attending the temple.

Elder Scott: If you are a single adult, get on with it and find a spouse to marry in the temple. It will bring great happiness in the home, and in the marriage, when a husband expresses his love to his wife verbally. *This is such an awesome talk!!* It is so rewarding to be married. There are times when you, as a couple, are extremely happy and times of trial. One of the reasons to find a spouse in early young adult years is to avoid creating inapporpriate habits that are hard to change. All things are possible to the Lord. Eternity is a long time, and have faith in the Lords promises so that he will be able to bless you througout your life.

Elder - I can't remember his name: Wisdom to live with 90% of our income instead of all of it. Blessings come from being self-reliant, being sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Ghost, creating peace and harmony in the home. Paying tithing helps us develop a greatful heart, realizing that our blessings, all of our blessings, come from God. Regular tithe payers have a strengthened testimony of the Gospel. When we pay our tithing faithfully, the windows of heaven will poor out upon us, but most often not in monetary form.

Elder Robbins: "To be or not to be" is a very good question. "To do" is an action - checking off when the deed is done. "To be" is never done. Disiplining children should not be done in anger. It should be done by kindness, gentleness, and showing love unfained. (A huge thing I need to work on with the boys!!!) Parenting 505 (difficult children) and 101 (sweet children)....awesome! I think Ammon is more often a child in my 101 class. Zenock is my 505 with a thesis project as the final exam. I love my boys both very, very much. They are showing me all the time that they are different people, and I need to remember that what worked for one will not work for both. I hope Gideon turns out to be a healthy balance between the two.

Elder Holland: We will get blessings from holding family home evening amongst the bedlam, even with little bedlamites. (So funny, and SO TRUE). Sometimes you can't have it your way. The Church is neither a fast food restaurant, nor a buffet. Bradyism: You get what your get, follow it or don't. However, the Gospel itself is perfect. The people who are in it are not.

I wish I could get the youtube videos of the musical numbers to post on here. They were all phenomenal. I love listening to some of my favorite hymns performed. If you get a chance, view them on

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