Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Loosing = WIN!

So, I am going to try loosing some of this fabulous baby fat (leftovers that never disappeared after Ammon was born 6.5 years ago). I can't diet since I am breastfeeding, but I can eat healthier. And I may think it's a swear word, but I really should do better to exercise. I am holding you all accountable to make me accountable mk? And don't let me make cookies for a while. I end up eating them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner....but they were soooo good! I guess since there are still cookies on the counter I can't be held accountable until after they are consumed...that would be better, don't you think? So right now I am at 160 pounds plus a muffin top. Let's see how long it takes to loose 10 pounds and a little muffin...starting today!

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