Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good idea

Who knew a four year old would have a good idea for lunch? I try, and try, and try to get the boys to eat different foods for lunch. Sometimes we have leftovers, sometimes sandwiches, corn dogs, burritos, etc. Today I tried to get them to eat a tuna fish sandwich, since I get it from WIC and it's really good for you. Well they both said no, they wanted to dip crackers in it intsead of have it in a sandwich (which Brady and I do a lot, and I like relish in mine). I said, no. Then Ammon just asked for a fork to eat it plain, and Zenock asked for some celery to dip in the tuna. A little light came on in my brain right then. I thought, hey, tuna is healthy, celery is healthy. This is a great way for him to get some more of the nutrients he needs in a day instead of carbohydrates. So I also made some for me. I just have to say, this is my new favorite way to have tuna fish. And it's also really good with a dab of mustard and a tablespoon or so of Taco Bell hot salsa. I admit though, I was a little suprised how good it tasted. So give it a try. What's there to loose? A can of tuna?

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