Sunday, August 5, 2012

Almost too cute to be funny

Daddy fell asleep with Ayla when I was at the store. Gideon brought them Big Bird to sleep with.

Tornado Gideon has left a path of distruction unloading everything in his path in less than 10 minutes. Yes, this ENTIRE mess is from an 18 month old.

Teaching Gideon, "Thumbs up dude!" Today he also learned where his ears, nose, and eyes are. When we ask him where his belly is he bends in half to look at it and find his belly button. Then he pushes it a few times. It's so cute. Also today I almost got him to say "cheese." He made several valid attempts at the word, but it wasn't quite there. He speaks all the parts of words and sounds, but he still lacks any actual words in his vocabulary. For a while we thought he was saying dada and momma, but I think he was just mimiking us because he doesn't do it anymore. He sure is taking his sweet time saying his first word.

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