Wednesday, August 22, 2012

RAIN = puddle splashing!

I went out in the rain on purpose to take my kids puddle splashing. I was hoping all the water movement would give the van a much needed bath. We checked out some washes close to our house, all of which were full with fast moving water. These two pictures are at the Arroyo Grande Sports Complex where Ammon plays baseball. I think this one is called the pitman wash. The picture below doesn't look like a big deal, but water was bouncing so high. Gideon could see it out the window, and he was really excited about it. The streets surrounding my house were closed at one point due to various stranded vehicles. We made it home though! All the boys liked seeing fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars driving with their lights and sirens....most were going to block off intersections of severely flooded streets. I wish Brady could have been awake to enjoy this morning with us because he would have loved it too.

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Lifes Little Adventures said...

Oh my! While that looks like tons of fun....all I think is Oh my! I am glad you guys were able to enjoy it.