Thursday, August 23, 2012


During the huge rainstorm yesterday a teenager got swept into the current near Sunset and Stephanie in Pitman wash which runs right behind our house. The news reporter said he just stuck his foot in to feel the current and got swept away. The command center for LVMPD and heavy rescue is at Sam Boyd Stadium. Today there were three helicopters flying around the downstream area, Duck Creek, looking for him. On the way to my friend's house this afternoon I saw the search and rescue helicopter hovering over an area close to the road. He hasn't been found yet, but the search volunteers haven't given up.

After seeing this mission in action and all the rescue equipment and volunteers flanking the area I was touched. I thought how awesome it would be to have the proper training to get involved with search and rescue when my kids are older. I feel strongly that being involved in such efforts is going to be necessary in the years to come.

Tonight I am pondering what skills I have and what needs further development to help in similar situations later on. I know there will be many more opportunities for disaster, natural or otherwise, wherever we live. Being prepared in such events is vitally important to my family's survival. I have been constantly reminded over the last year or so to build up food and emergency supplies, and to be ready to evacuate at a moments notice. Last week Brady and I were talking about further education in EMT training for his work in which would also come in handy in a disaster. I have been thinking I might like to do some EMT basic training for myself as well; not specifically to get a job, but to be more prepared just in case. Perhaps I am a worry wart. Perhaps I am thinking the future is more dim then it really will be. Perhaps I get to help save lives someday. Who knows what's really going to happen in the future. I just want to do everything I can to keep my family safe and help those around me.

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carlislefam said...

I have been having the same feelings too. I want to do my EMT training also. Hope things work out for you too!