Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of school

Today was the first day of second grade for Ammon and the first day of kindergarten for Zenock. Zenock loves his class. He just went right in and got to work on coloring the paper at his desk. I gave him a high five, and that was it! Ammon is really excited to learn, especially since there are several kids from his first grade class in his class again. His best friend, Alex, is in the class next door. Zenock couldn't decide what his favorite part about today was. Ammon said he loved being with his friends and having recess. He is really excited for PE tomorrow. Brady and I enjoyed the older kids being gone by running errands and doing the grocery shopping. 

Brady also gave me an early birthday present today. He hired his coworkers wife to come clean our entire house. Oh my gosh! It was the best present in the whole world. She even cleaned the microwave and the toaster looks brand new. I can't even say how nice it was for someone else to clean up. I wish my sparkling house could last forever!

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Melonie said...

how sweet! I'm glad Z had a great first day. hope that keeps up.