Monday, August 6, 2012

Reminder of a really fun day.

I don't have any pictures of what we did today, but we had so much fun I wanted to write about it to remember for later. Back in May we won an auction item for two hours of free babysitting. We have tried several times to use this, but timing and vacations just never worked out....until today! Brady and I got to go on a date in the afternoon (with Ayla). We both are expanding our horizons and trying to do new things. Today we went on a date to ride the roller coaster, Manhattan Express, at the New York New York hotel and casino on the Strip. We found out shortly before leaving they have a local discount, 2 rides for 1. So, for a grand total of $28 for our ENTIRE date, we got 4 rides on the coaster and a babysitter. AWESOME!!! After we got home we changed and packed up for a swim to the splash park just down the street. We got some nachos while they made everyone get out for a CPR refresher and poop check. Yes, they close the pool for 15 minutes every couple of hours to check for logs floating, or sinking, in the water. I'm seriously not kidding. And I bet you are laughing, aren't you Dad? Then, we got home and had......banana splits for dinner. My sweet boys - all of them- thought I was pretty cool for letting us have icecream for dinner (except for Gideon, he ate a corn dog and threw his carrots across the room. One of them hit Ammon in the head). Of course, Brady and I had corndogs and fries for dessert a little later. And some others had string cheese and popcorn. The floor is still holding evidence of that. (Seriously, I vacuum once a day, sometimes twice). And THEN, redbox decided to send us free promo code texts, so now after the boys are all tucked in bed, we have a free movie night. What an awesome way to spend the day on Brady's day off. It was busy, relaxing, fun, and funny. I sure love my family of boys and our baby girl. I wish we could have fun days like this more often!! Usually his day off is filled with errands and doctor's appointments, so it was really nice to not do any of that today. All the laundry managed to get washed and dried today as well......but folding is still a work in progress :)


Melonie said...

sounds like a great day of memories!

Lifes Little Adventures said...

You amaze me! I am so glad today was a fun day for you guys, you certainly deserve it!