Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ayla is growing up

She had her first tooth come through three weeks ago. Since then a new tooth has appeared every week. She has three now, and two haven't quite broke the surface yet. I am starting to wonder how long I can keep nursing her with all those chompers. Being bitten by the baby while she is eating is no picnic for me.
Ayla has also become quite the mover. She spins in circles on her belly all the time. When she sees something she wants she does this inch worm sort of maneuver. Brady said today he saw her actually move her hands and knees at the same time to get something. She doesn't sit up by herself yet, but she is almost crawling. Isn't that a little backwards?
On another note I have a funny video I need to download so you all can see Ammon teaching Gideon how to do a sit up. It's pretty hilarious. It was even funnier before I got the camera out to record it. My kids are all goofs. I guess Brady was right in naming our youtube channel famofgoofers.

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