Friday, January 25, 2013

Shooting with Brady

Monday we got a babysitter since the kids didn't have school and went out for a morning date to the desert. I practiced more on my .22 for the concealed weapon class I am taking next month. My sites are off, so it's been rather difficult to get most of my shots inside the ring from 15 yards away. Thankfully the desert is free, so I can go practice as much as I need to before qualificaiton day. This video is with my 20 ga. shotgun Brady got me for my birthday. It's only the second time I've taken it I'm still getting used to it. I haven't quite figured out where to put it on my shoulder where it doesn't cause soreness the next day. I really enjoy it though. We need to get a clay thrower so we can do some more fun up in the air. I love sharing a hobby with my husband!!

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