Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sick toddler

Gideon was sick all day Monday. Thankfully it was during the day and Brady was off. I had to shampoo my couch and chair last night because each was puked on more than once. He only barfed once last night, so I thought we were finally in the clear. Then he puked all over me and the couch this morning right after drinking his milk. Milk vomit all over my freshly cleaned couch!!!!!!!!! And THEN he leaned on the couch a little while after that and threw up all over on the other cushion. Once again, there is only one spot to sit on in my living room. SO ANNOYING!! I am especially annoyed because it took me almost and hour and a half to clean the recliner and couch last night before the kids went to bed. I can't do it any earlier because the fabric is soaking wet and has to dry all night. I got to hang out and feed Ayla on a camp chair in the living room last night (totally uncomfortable, more so after having to bend over the furniture for an hour and a half cleaning it = major back pain for a while). Today he fell asleep next to me while I was feeding Ayla at 10am - see above crappy cell phone picture. It was so sweet, and yet I feel like all I have done since Monday morning is wipe noses, butts and clean up puke. The clean laundry piles in my house are completely overwhelming.

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