Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Silly Ayla and a Food Shelf

She loves to scoot around and check everything out within her reach. That includes things under the table, the tv cords behind our entertainment center, and the bottom shelf of the bookcase. Watching her back out of the entertainment center is pretty funny. She almost always ends up nearly doing the splits. When she starts crawling for real she's going to be a fast little bugger.

No matter what she's always cute...especially with a snotty nose.

Gideon was helping Brady build our food storage shelf. He thought Daddy's work gloves were pretty fun to try out. I loved that he put them on himself....backwards and on the wrong hands.

TADA!!!!! It's the most satisfying thing to look at. It was a LOT of work: two or three drafts of the design, four trips to Home Depot, some do-overs, borrowing a table saw, buying a few tools, and many splinters. We finished it this afternoon and got to load it up. I didn't realize how much creamy peanut butter we had....and look at all that room for more tuna!

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