Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The saw has many uses

I am SO thankful Brady is a good handyman with power tools....and that we have access to such tools. This is a 10x12 sign I made for my brother-in-law's fundraiser....I'll blog more about that in a few days. Brady cut the scrap wood up from the project below for me, and we stained, glued, and reinforced the back, then I made a stencil with my silhouette and painted it. Two coats of varnish later, and this is the final product.

Working hard drilling and drilling and drilling all the pieces of wood together on a Monday afternoon/night two weeks ago to make this.....

Isn't it beautiful? There are 5 columns for #10 cans that we get all the time from our cannery. The blue labeled cans are all noodles! We didn't make enough columns for each kind of food, but we grouped them into similar columns so it will be easier to see what we have and what we need. It is so easy now to see what we need to use first.

The next projects are some shelving for our bug out bags and emergency supplies and a necklace holder for me.

I don't remember if I ever showed you the final product of our stocking/art hanger. It's just a 6 ft fence post that he notched out the other end to match the top of the board. I thought at first we wouldn't need all 6 ft, but I am glad we did because the size is perfect. I love the satin lime green paint sample I used too. I really love having a place for things, even simple things like the kids' art from school. It looks better having the papers hang from this than having them all taped to the wall like we did before. I definitely feel more organized and put least for a little while :)

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