Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ayla is getting big

She's so hungry that she thinks books are a good snack. She always goes for this one and has almost ruined the binding.

One of these days I'll get her to sleep all night in another room....until then she's still with me. So when I have to do stuff in my room with the light on after she goes to bed for the night, this is what we do. It works perfectly! She isn't as light of a sleeper as Gideon was at this age, so it doesn't bother her for me to be in my room doing laundry, putting things away, or whispering to Brady while she's sleeping. I feel it's a small blessing because I couldn't do anything in there when Gideon was little.

Before church a few weeks ago. I couldn't resist taking a picture of her in the dress I made for her before she was born. Mom, take a look at the collar....this is what I came up with to fix the bunching problem I origionally had with it. Thanks for the suggestion to take it apart and clip the curve, that was a huge help as well. I made the matching bow too.

This is Ayla's favorite corner of the room. She always finds her way under these tables. I finally put our small toy ottoman in front of it because the last time she got stuck under there she was all the way in the back and hitting her head on the wall trying to turn around. It was really frustrating to climb under there in order to pull her out. She's all over the place in our house now. Wednesday morning she went from the living room all the way down the hall to Gideon's room and then across the hall into the boys' room. All in about 15 minutes. She loves to check out everything and see what everyone is doing around the house. If I am cooking in the kitchen she'll come find me. All of this is with her cute belly scoot she does. We have decided she crawls...she just does it in a special way.

Ayla stole Gideon's favorite blanket and was sucking on the tastles. He didn't like that very much at all......I can only guess why as we have to take this dang blanket everywhere.

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