Saturday, February 16, 2013

My sister's roller coaster ride

So if you follow me or any of my family of facebook you are well aware of my brother-in-law's health condition. The short story is he went to the doctor for knee pain and came out with crazy blood pressure, so high he could drop dead any moment; crazy blood work numbers indicating kidney failure; and an imobilized knee. He's know about his kidney disease for 7 years, and 7 years ago he was functioning at 80%. After a biopsy procedure following this ER visit, his kidney's were functioning at 7%. Dialysis and transplants start when kidney function is at 10%. So he got a catheter inserted into his belly and started dialysis two weeks ago. He doesn't have health insurance, so paying for all of this medical stuff is crazy expensive for them.
A silent auction, dinner, and raffle are being held for them next Saturday to raise money to help with expenses. HERE is the contact information for that event. If you can go eat some potatoes, PLEASE go!!! They are asking for $25 donations for dinner per family.
Another donation site has been set up for them so that anyone can donate any time. The link for that is HERE.
Cash and check donations can be made to William Lot Adams donation account and taken to any East Idaho Credit Union. You can also mail these donations to my sister Alayna Adams. Let me know if you need her address.

Through this whole thing many tears have been shed, prayers offered, and I have thought alot about driving up there to help out. Unfortunately, it's really hard for someone with kids in school and nursing babies to drive that far alone while the husband stays home to work. So I'm trying to offer support however I can from here. I've asked my friends to donate items for the auction, I've called temples, we all say many prayers every day asking for things to be okay for them, and I try to call regularly just so my sister has someone to talk too. I remember when Ammon was at Primary Children's Hospital when he was a baby and how helpless and scared I felt. We were also alone most of the time, even more so when Brady had to leave us there and drive back to Idaho for finals week at BYUI. It was a rough time for us, but we made it through. I know that Alayna and Lot will make it through this too. It's hard and tiring, but through medical technology and these fund raisers for them everything will work out in the end.
To find out all the details and keep up with their progress, you are welcome to check out their blog: and click on the link in the left column called roller coaster ride. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and donations on their behalf. May all of you be blessed for your service to my family.

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