Monday, July 22, 2013

Dirt, funny kids, and sleeping

Kids love dirt, and all three of them spend a significant amount of time playing in this awesome pile. More than once the first thing Gid wanted to do when he got up was go play in the dirt.

My niece is hilarious! We all slept over at my sister's house one night so they could get up early and go to a dr's appointment in Pocatello. When I finished getting ready for the day I came around the corner to see Chloe on a chair in front of the stove. She was squirting sweet and sour sauce on a plate. I asked her what she was doing and she told me she had pushed the right buttons on the microwave for chicken nuggets. She had three on a plate for her and three on a plate for Gideon. What is even more hilarious is she gave him the pink princess plate and kept the Cars plate for her. I told her all morning she couldn't have a snack until after lunch because she didn't finish her while I wasn't looking she made herself and Gideon some lunch. After finishing, she promptly asked for a snack...go figure. Gideon never eats chicken nuggets, but this time he ate all three...more nuggets than he's ever eaten in one sitting.

Alayna got the cool aunt award for the day because she filled up water balloons for the kids after they came back. My kids could throw those things all day long.

This cute nephew is a whole three weeks older than Ayla. He is ginormous...or Ayla is a could go either way :)

 One night to get out of the house we took a detour to Smith Park and played for a bit before heading  to Arctic Circle for some delicious shakes and kiddie cones.....I wish someone her in Vegas would make kiddie cones like them and hand them out for free. I got to finish off Ammon's oreo shake.

 On the way home we had a 12 hour drive. There wasn't a time when all four kids were sleeping, but here three of them were passed out. I was amazed how long some of them slept with his noise the whole time.

And this was just too funny. One time the little kids woke up and bawled. Ammon was also pretty grumpy....but Zenock was laughing.

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