Sunday, July 21, 2013

Tauphus Park Zoo and some pizza

They loved the giant tortise.

With the cousins!

More tortise. He was walking around and coming toward Gideon. He thought it was neat to see the thing move. 

Checking out the alligator.

Some alpaca's that he was getting so excited over. He loves horses and cows, so maybe he thought these were some? Either way, it was quite entertaining to watch him with this exhibit.

All the kids loved this! Zenock asked me if he could chase the bird around....I think the bird would have ended up doing the chasing if I would have let him :)

Zenock's favorite animal, the snow leopard. It's in the shadow under the tree.

The tiger was Ammon's favorite animal. He's up the in top of the picture in the shade.

Best part about the zoo is sitting on the tiger.

She loved seeing the zebras. She was hanging on the fence and bouncing up and down, almost laughing with delight.

Cutest picture ever of my sister and Gideon.

 Later that night was another fundraiser for Lot at Pizza Pie Cafe, formerly known as Craigos. This is the only picture I got. Two of my sisters, her three kids, and Ammon are in the picture. Lot must have been at the table behind Alayna. The food was delicious.....much better than Cici's Pizza, the pizza buffet here in Vegas. It was fun to have dinner with a bunch of people supporting a good cause. We all love you Lot!!!

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