Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First few days in Idaho

Our summer vacation this year was a couple of weeks at my parents house in Idaho. Gideon and Zenock loved playing in the puddles after the sprinkler was done on the lawn.

Each of the boys got to ride with Grandpa on the lawn mower. They all loved it. The first time Gideon called it a bulldozer and did the vacuum sign. Now he just signs vacuum for lawn mower. It's really cute. He loved that thing....even when it was just parked in the garage.

Everyone loved the trampoline

Ayla was helping Grandma turn the pages. 

We were playing in the grass and eating strawberries from the garden.

Swinging was also a fun activity

 Grandpa had lots of dirt for my kids to play in. Gideon found opportunities in buckets too...with Aylas help.

Puddles are especially delicious. He would sometimes swallow the water, other times go on the edge of the driveway and spit it out. I've got video of that...hopefully up on youtube soon.

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