Thursday, July 18, 2013

Our 4th of July in Idaho

I introduced my boys to having the sprinkler under the tramp. They loved it. Of course, who wouldn't love jumping and water mixed together?

The parade in Rexburg

Brady's dad and step-mom, Dee, at the parade with us. In the back right is my mom's cousin's daughter and her baby and Dee's granddaughter Jill....who is getting married next month. Yea Jill!!

This is the float made by Sugar City. The smaller grain tower replica on the float is right by my parents house, and the water tower replica is on the property of their church building. I was really impressed with this float. Whoever made it did a great job showcasing the city.

This one was made by the Sugar City Stake. If that cake was real I bet it could feed hundreds.

Here's the boys watching for more candy. They really got quite the load...I guess it pays to sit at the beginning of the parade.

Gideon has SO. MUCH. CANDY! He kept getting into the bag and pulling stuff out to eat. He was calling everything gum and eating it wrapper and funny.

Fireworks were loud...and scary for the little kids. Thanks Abby for taking one kid so I could hold the other!

She jumped every was really funny.

We did a slip n slide at Brady's step-niece's house in Teton in the afternoon. It was really fun. I'm really glad the kids wore their rash guards because some of the other boy's stomachs were quite scratched up from going on the plastic and hitting the grass.

Gideon thought it was great to go with me. This time a little girl was in the way so instead of plowing her over I just grabbed her on the way down and took her the rest of the way with us. I don't think she was very happy with me....but at least she didn't get hurt. Thanks so much Koyle's for the awesome slide!!!!

The little ones hated the fireworks. Ayla jumped every time and then started freaking out. Gideon just screamed the whole time. I found it quite funny. Perhaps next year we'll do fireworks after they are in bed.

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