Monday, April 5, 2010


Zenock decided our wall wasn't exciting enough. So two weeks ago he did this with one crayon in about 5 minutes. This is what happens if I decide to use the bathroom, or brush my teeth, or blow-dry my hair, or anyting else that means the kids aren't supervised at all times.
Lovely, don't you think? How much would this go for on ebay? Should I post the starting bid at $100,000? The description would say something like: wall of art, created by three-year-old crayon prodigy. Once in a lifetime opportunity for personal, professional artwork done right in your own home. But don't tell the landlord, he/she might get mad...oh brother!!
I tried my sister's idea to use WD40 to take it off, but it doesn't work so well on crappy flat paint. So this week I am trying the magic eraser. If that doesn't work, I guess I'll ask the manager for some paint and fix it myself so we don't have to pay a fee. Kids are the best, aren't they? Most of the time?

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