Sunday, April 18, 2010

Elder Perry

Elder L. Tom Perry came to do a special Stake meeting with the Green Valley Stake. There were two sessions, and since Brady is in the Stake Choir he got to attend both meetings. Ronny and Christa brought the girls over this morning so they could go to the morning session, and they took our kids so I could listen to the second session uninterupted. It was really nice. It would have been a little bit better to have Brady sit with me, but the choir was really good anyway.

President Romney, our Stake President, talked for a few minutes first. Then the Las Vegas East mission president, President Christensen, spoke next. Elder Perry took up the remainder of the meeting. It was so wonderful. And Elder Perry really is a LARGE man. The pulpit was raised up all the way, and it was just barely the right height for him! He talked about making a plan with our lives and allowing for the Spirit to direct our plan as needed. We need to live our lives so that we can help the missionaries teach the gospel. I felt impressed that perhaps that is one of the reasons why we were supposed to move to Nevada. I really feel that sometime in the near future we will have a family missionary experience with someone who works with Brady. So when he finally starts working it will be interesting to see what happens. I really hope we can make friends with a couple who have boys the same age as our kids so there will be someone else to play with besides all these wonderful girl cousins. I guess I am hoping for the same thing in our new ward.

Brady said in the morning session he asked the men to take out their wives on a weekely basis. Even just a walk around the block is sometimes enough time to continue the bond of a healthy marriage. Maybe that's why my parents walked around the block so much when I was a kid. It was one of their ways to reconnect during the week. And it was really fun when they would let everyone come with them. Most often it turned into a family bike ride, which I LOVED as a kid. I hope that next time we have a chance to do something we can find a sitter in time so we can reconnect too. I mean I love going to the temple together, but that's all we can do right now since it is free, and once a month just isn't enough sometimes to get away for a couple of hours. Hopefully things will change soon so we can do other things as a couple. Any other free date night ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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