Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

The weekend events...there were many
This picture is for my parents. Zenock and Ammon's chocolate milk mustaches. Dad, as you can see they do drink from the bottom of the cup.
We went boating on Lake Mead with Ronny, Cicely, and their families on Saturday. This is a picture of the lake side of Hoover Dam.
Brady is on the tube. In the boat are Maddie, Christa, and Cicely.

More of Brady. He was the first to get in the cold water, and try as he might, Ronny couldn't dump him off the tube.

We were in the bow of the boat.

Dying eggs after lunch on Sunday.

Sunday afternoon/evening we had a family party. Debbie and Roger made a wonderful Easter meal and then the kids got to wack a pinata. There was one for the boys and one for the girls so that each kid got one of everything. Instead of normal pinata candy there were fruit rollups, pez, laffy taffy, a monster truck toy, a foamy/spongy expandable in water race car, and some other fun treats. That's my idea of a pinata. Much better than loading the kids up on just candy.

Ammon giving a few good wacks.

Dividing the loot.

And who knew the evening would end in a pool party? It started with Sage and Max getting thrown in the pool with their clothes on, and then my kids were begging to go swimming. So we let them go in their underwear while I went home for suits and towels. They thought it was the best thing ever. And I loved that the heater was turned on in the pool. Thank you Debbie!!

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