Saturday, April 17, 2010

Today while the sun shines...

This whole week has been such nice weather. We have been swimming 4 times, and Ammon tried to talk me into going again today. I tell you what, swimming is exhausting. Actually, dressing everyone and convincing them to get out of the pool is the most exhausting part. But I love the sunshine, the light breeze, and spending time with my family.
We were going to follow the prophet's counsel and go on a date other than to the temple last night, but we couldn't find a sitter...there was a young women conference in our ward, and all our family were busy. So poor John Schmidt missed us. He was at the Henderson Pavilion for a free concert, and we were going to go for a ride on the motorcycle. But alas, that was not to be. I miss having friends to trade babysitting with. All the people with kids the same age as ours are in their late 30's and 40's. And the couples that don't have kids are our age or younger, so it's been a little challenge. I hope that our new ward will be better.
I am really excited to move into a house with 3 bedrooms. We are renting a townhouse, and it isn't much bigger than our 2 bed apartment now, but I think it will be better. There is more storage, and a garage...which is what I have always wanted. We should be moving the first week of May. It will be the first move since 2005 that has not been during a snowstorm or below freezing temperatures. So for that, I am also excited.
Today we spent the day cleaning, reading, playing with the boys, and I spent several hours in front of the sewing machine turning Ammon's jeans into shorts. He was excited that mommy could make him some shorts for warmer weather. I am excited I didn't spend more than $40 this year for his summer clothes, including pajamas. A couple months ago I made him pajama shorts out of mine and Brady's old pajama pants. He thinks it's cool to wear daddy's tiger pants as shorts. I am so thankful to my mom for encouraging me to take a sewing class in junior high and helping me with sewing projects in high school and since then. I love to sew because I get such a sense of gratification when I look at something I made. My next project is a skirt/blouse set with some fabric my mom gave me before we moved here. I think I might start that after we move into the new place though.
We had a movie night tonight with Shark Tale and air-popped popcorn. Zenock ran around the house yelling, "Yeah! We're having a movie night, yeah!!" It was so cute. And not 5 minutes into the movie he asked for popcorn. I love that we can have such fun together for free. It's nice to be together!!
Tomorrow we get to have a special conference with Elder Perry. Each ward was assigned a time to come to the Stake Center so we all have a chance to be in the same meeting with him. Brady is singing in the Stake Choir, so he gets to hear him twice. It should be a really good meeting. I am looking forward to it.

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