Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Easter

I forgot to post the kids playing when we found a beach to eat lunch at. We had wonderful hot dogs and chips and carrots. I think everything even tasted better because we were out on the lake together. It was a great time!! Maddie, Max, Zenock, Izabella, Ammon. They were all building various sand castles and shell towers.
More sand fun.
Ammon eating his hot dog. Christa found these awesome disposable grills at the grocery store for $4. So we cooked the dogs on that. It was so tastey!!

Christa and Cicely turning the dogs.

The Easter Bunny left some super fun things for the kids this year. He found awesome sales on squirt guns, foam swords, and a really fun toy for each of the boys. Ammon got a rocket/airplane that shoots up in the air with an air foot pump. Zenock got a material handler kind of like the one Ammon got from Santa. So now, they both have material handlers to play with. I found matching ties for the boys for 3.25 each on sale, and I found one that closely matches them for Brady for 3.50 on clearance at Kohls. Man, I was so excited to find that deal. It was a $32 tie! Brady put a movie, Sweet Home Alabama, and some earrings in my bag without me knowing. So I had a suprise too. It was a wonderful Easter! I enjoyed being able to go to Debbie's house Sunday morning to watch conference live. I never thought that after leaving Idaho I would be able to watch conference on tv anymore. This weekend was so great.

Playing with the swords.

Checking out the suprises in the bags.

More candy digging. I found some "How to train your dragon" gummies for $1 and Zenock picked a dragon egg treat for Ammon and himself for a suprise. We got some mini M&M tubes and a Toy Story egg and some peanut M&Ms. Everyone loves those.

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