Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Birthday boy

Today is Zenock's 4th birthday. He has grown so much from this picture in the hospital four years ago today. Time flies! He woke up this morning and asked if it was his birthday and if he could open presents. I let him open the ones Ammon picked out for him. He LOVED them! After he opened them he wanted to call Brady at work and tell him. The first thing he said on the phone was, "Dad! It's my birthday!" It was so cute. I love to see the kids excitement about things like this that are really special and only come once a year. It just gets more fun for me as they get older too.

This is Zenock this morning at 8 a.m. Ammon gave him some army guys, an aircraft carrier that drives like a hotweels car, and a stealth bomber (just what he wanted). He told me the army guys are just like the ones in Toy Story. (But they came from Dollar Tree, not the bucket of soldiers from Walmart with the Toy Story label on them for $13. And he likes them just the same!)

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