Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Zenock's Birthday

The infamous demolition derby cake. While I was making dinner he decided to play demolition derby in it. So the frosting looks horrible because he drove the cars through it. I guess that made it even more authentic.
Zenock had so much fun yesterday opening presents and playing with cousins. We were going to take him to BounceU, an indoor inflatable gym across the street from us, but he took over an hour to eat his dinner, so we didn't have enough time before family came for cake and presents. He chose french toast, sausage, scrambled eggs, and orange juice. I cut the bread into halloween shapes with cookie cutters, and they thought that was awesome! Ammon was just as excited the whole day for Zenock. He kept asking when Zz could open his presents, and Zz let him help open some of them. I am so glad they get along so well. It makes most things much easier for Brady and I. This top picture is him opening presents from Grandpa and Grandma Deitz that he got in the mail.

An ISPY bag made by my sister. He wanted me to open it up and dump it out so he could play with the toys inside.

Opening Thomas books and Lightning McQueen clothes.


He waited all day to hear us sing Happy Birthday to him. In this picture you can't really see his face, but he had the BIGGEST smile on the whole song. It was so adorable!

Blowing out the candles

Opening presents. This one is a Trio set. It's the airport connecting blocks set. Ammon got to open his too since they were from Cicely and she has to work on Ammon's birthday. So now we have some "legos" as the kids say. Zz also recieved a build-it-yourself monster truck kit, How To Train Your Dragon movie, some knight guys, and a solar system for his room. We got him the RC car from Toy Story (he's been asking for a remote control toy for quite a while now), a helicopter to paint and put together, coloring book, and batteries for the car. I enjoyed having everyone here to celebrate with us. Thanks everyone for showing your love to Zenock on his special day!

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