Monday, October 25, 2010

Carving pumpkins

Monday for FHE we carved our pumpkins. The boys each cleaned out their own pumpkin, and they did a great job! Brady scraped the sides for them so they could get all the guts out better. We had quite a pile of pumpkin guts at the end. They also got to choose what shapes to have on the face while I carved it out.

Ammon's is on the left and Zenock's on the right. Ammon wanted some triangle eyes, a triangle nose, and a smile like his with 2 bottom teeth missing. So the gap between the two teeth on the bottom is supposed to look like there are teeth gone.
Zenock wanted triangle eyes too like Ammon's, but I wanted them different, so they got turned at an angle. The nose he wanted to look just like his own. So that is my interpretation of a human nose on a pumpkin. And then he asked for a squiggly mouth. We had so much fun doing this.
It brought back memories of me getting to clean out and carve my pumpkin as a kid. I remember all 6 of us working on our own pumpkins. The kitchen table was a mess!!! But the activity was so much fun.

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